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Up-front pricing


  Standard Price
New Client Consulation Free
Initial Consultation £45.50
Re-examine Consultation £36.00
Small Mammal Consultation £35.00
Written Prescription £23.00
Microchipping £23.00
Nail Clip £19.00


Dogs Standard Price
Puppy Vaccination Course £77.00
Dog Booster £40.00
Kennel Cough (at same time as booster) £29.75
Kennel Cough  £33.00


Cats Standard Price
Kitten Vaccination Course £79.50
Cat Booster £41.00


Rabbits Standard Price
Myxomatosis & VHD Vaccination £44.00
Combo Vaccine Myxo Plus £65.00


Dogs Standard Price
Bitch spay From £220.00
Dog castration From £170.00


Cats Standard Price
Castrate From £48.00
Spay From £68.00


Rabbits Standard Price
Castrate From £68.00
Spay From £85.00

Please note prices are subject to your dog's weight. Please contact us for more information.

Please note all neutered dogs and cats will receive fluid therapy and pain relief to go home with. This is included in the price of their procedure.