Small Furries Advice

Tips and advice for your small furry friend

  • Vaccinations
  • Dental advice and treatment
  • Flystrike Treatment
  • Neutering


We recommend annual vaccination in rabbits (from 5 weeks of age), particularly in rabbits who have access to the outdoors, but also indoor bunnies can be at risk due to fleas and flies carrying disease.

We offer the standard vaccination against Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic disease (RHD), and are also now offering a vaccine for the newly recognised strain of RHD. We will will be happy to discuss the needs of your rabbit with you, and advise you appropriately.

Dental advice and treatment

Rabbits’ front teeth can overgrow, preventing them from being able to close their mouths. They can also have problems with back molar teeth, which may develop sharp edges that can cause abrasions to the tongue. Guinea pigs can also have problems with their back teeth. Therefore, providing your small animal with a proper diet and regular check ups is very important.

Flystrike Treatment

In the summer months, blow flies can lay their eggs on your rabbit. The eggs hatch into maggots which start to feed on the skin and underlying tissues of the rabbit. They can cause horrific injuries, which can sometimes be fatal. Flies tend to be attracted to rabbits that have soiled around their bottoms – usually obese, elderly and ill rabbits. Daily checks of your rabbit will help you to spot signs of fly strike and a clean hutch is less likely to attract flies. Please ask about flystrike at your next appointment for more information and to discuss treatments available to minimise the risk of flystrike for high risk rabbits.


Neutering your rabbit will give them a calmer, happier life and has many benefits which include helping rabbits to bond into pairs, prevents unwanted offspring, facilitates litter training and reduces anti-social behaviours such as spraying urine and mounting toys/rabbits/feet.